Our Hospitals

All of our hospitals prioritize outstanding patient care, quality outcomes, and a culture of inclusion and community engagement that supports and embraces our teams across all of our locations. We are committed to innovation and providing quality-driven, patient-centered acute and post-acute hospital solutions.

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Our Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

Kindred Hospitals have been among the nation’s premier long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) for more than 35 years. Interdisciplinary, physician-led teams deliver quality driven hospital-based care for the most vulnerable, clinically-complex and post-intensive patient populations.

Our LTACHs offer the same in-depth care patients would receive in a traditional hospital and intensive care unit, but for an extended period of time needed for recovery. We partner with patients’ physicians and offer 24-hour clinical care seven days a week to start the journey to wellness. Learn more about our Kindred Hospitals.

Our Comprehensive Community Hospitals

Our comprehensive community hospitals provide exceptional care and services to local patients, and provide a supportive and positive work environment for our dedicated teams. These short-term acute care hospitals reflect the needs and unique nature of our local communities and we are pleased to provide additional health and wellness resources that extend beyond inpatient care. Learn more about our community hospitals by selecting a facility using our Location Finder.

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