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Our Ethics & Compliance Program

In support of our specialty and community facilities, our Ethics & Compliance team focuses on identifying internal and external risks to our company and maintaining effective, values-based programs that are responsive to government, patient, and community expectations; support our ethical culture; and empower our team members to show courage, value every voice, lean into new ideas, and thrive personally and professionally. 

"Ethics & Compliance is at the core of what we do each day and differentiates us in the industry. Our program is integral in empowering our caregivers to deliver compassionate and innovative care with a positive patient experience."

- Rob Jay, CEO

Rob Jay

Key programmatic focus areas:

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Privacy & Security

Providing our patients peace of mind with comprehensive privacy and security programs that safeguard one of their most valued assets - their personal and health information

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Compliance Risk Management

Supporting our organizations with strategies for timely and effective regulatory risk detection, prevention, and remediation

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Advising ScionHealth leadership on best practices when they're leaning into new ideas to be the healthcare provider of choice for our patients and communities


Show Courage

It's OK to SPEAK UP if you're uncertain. It's not OK to be unsure and remain silent. Always seek guidance when you have questions. Email us at courage@scionhealth.com or call us at (833)3COURAGE.

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