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About Us

We are focused on delivering the very best care for our communities through a commitment to innovation and investments in people and technology.

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Our Purpose

As one of the nation’s leading health systems, ScionHealth empowers the hands that heal to do what they do best. ScionHealth’s present and future are rooted in our communities and caregivers, so we listen and collaborate with them to find innovative solutions that cultivate a positive patient experience, delivering the right level of care at the right time, close to home.

Key Differentiators


Driven by Quality

ScionHealth is a highly reliable, clinically focused organization. Our clinical operations team strives to be leading innovators in specialty and community healthcare while providing our caregivers with the resources needed to deliver exceptional care.


Commitment to Compliance

At ScionHealth, our approach to compliance is a comprehensive effort to promote ethical and legal behavior that ensures quality of care for patients and compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion means everybody!  At ScionHealth, diversity encompasses all of the ways that human beings are both different and similar, and inclusion is leveraging that diversity to create a fair, equitable, healthy, and high-performing organization. 

Executive Leadership

ScionHealth is led by a team of experienced, strategic-minded healthcare and business executives who are dedicated to providing our caregivers in the field with the resources they need to do what they do best, which is meeting our patients’ needs. Our leaders pursue innovation and growth opportunities that will improve patient care and help our business thrive. They are also strongly committed to a culture of ethics and compliance.

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