Monarch Caring and Community Award

Honoring and celebrating ScionHealth’s compassionate, courageous, hard-working caregivers has been a top priority for our organization. That’s why we are excited to announce the creation of the Monarch Caring and Community Award – the enterprise’s new and highest annual award that will honor exceptional caregivers at our specialty hospitals and community hospital campuses across the country.


What is the Monarch Caring and Community Award?

The enterprise-level Monarch Caring and Community Award will be the highest honor bestowed by ScionHealth to its most outstanding caregivers. This prestigious award builds upon the legacy of the Mercy Award of LifePoint Health and the Paul Diaz Caring Award of Kindred Healthcare, but is designed to uniquely honor the caregivers of ScionHealth. The Monarch Caring and Community Award recognizes exceptional, highly skilled caregivers who consistently go above and beyond to deliver excellent patient care and to elevate the patient experience. In addition, they are dedicated to supporting their colleagues and their communities.

What is the symbolism of the Monarch Caring and Community Award name and logo?

The Monarch Caring and Community Award complements the ScionHealth company name, which is rooted in dual meanings of “scion” – a root used to graft or grow something new, or a descendant of a noble family or proud legacy. The term "Monarch" seeks to honor both of those meanings. Not only does "Monarch" evoke the pride we take in honoring the legacies from which ScionHealth was born, but it also reflects our focus on being the standard bearer of the care we provide to our patients and our communities.

The regal aspect of the name of the Monarch Award clearly conveys the prestige and honor of ScionHealth’s highest award, while “monarch” and the award’s logo also bring to mind nature and nurturing, with monarch butterflies representing strength, endurance and transformation. The same can be said for our most outstanding caregivers, who provide comfort and demonstrate extraordinary grace. The Monarch Caring and Community Award evokes a sense of pride, compassion, selflessness and commitment to doing whatever it takes to support the healing journey of our patients.

Additionally, a group of butterflies is referred to as a kaleidoscope, a term that vividly and fittingly represents the collaborative work our caregivers do each day in service of those who place their trust in us. The multicolored, multi-textured logo of the Monarch Award draws upon this kaleidoscopic theme.

Nominations and eligibility guidelines

For the inaugural, 2022 year of the Monarch Caring and Community Award, each hospital CEO will lead the nomination process for the award and will include recommendations from the facility staff prior to submission. For more information about the nominations, please connect with your facility CEO.

The following are eligibility guidelines that hospital CEOs will follow for the Monarch Caring and Community Award:

  • The award is intended for non-physician team members who interact with patients in some capacity on a daily or near-daily basis.
  • Nominees must be full- or part-time, non-officer employees who work 20 hours or more weekly.
  • Volunteers, contractors and physicians are not eligible.

Nominees may be any non-physician, non-officer, non-volunteer, non-contractor caregiver. Their roles may include but are not limited to nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, therapy assistants/aides, social workers, patient service coordinators, chaplains, medical assistants, dietitians, radiology professionals, custodians and, in some cases, supervisors and managers. Remember, the list above is only a partial list of eligible roles. If a caregiver is in any non-physician, non-officer, non-volunteer, non-contractor role that meets the above eligibility guidelines, that person quite likely is eligible to be nominated.