Loss Prevention

Sure Grip Shoes Program

ScionHealth is committed to creating a safe work environment for all employees. In an effort to reduce slips and falls, we are requiring employees to wear slip-resistant shoes in our facilities. To help make this requirement easier to meet, ScionHealth has created a voluntary discount program for purchasing slip-resistant shoes from Sure Grip Footwear, a leading provider of slip-resistant shoes.

View the digital catalog:

Employees are able to payroll deduct (where allowed by law) up to one pair of shoes per month. Additionally, states that were excluded in the past like California can now payroll deduct shoes; and other states that were previously excluded, such as Texas, can now participate in the program!

Safety footwear is now available from major brands like Merrell, New Balance and Dolce and Gabbana. To order, visit

Here are some tips for ordering:

1. Employees can find their employee ID on their payroll stub (online paperless pay), or contact Human Resources to obtain it.

2. When entering your employee ID number, DO NOT enter any leading zeroes. Example: ID number 0012345, Enter in 12345.

3. You can access the site two ways:

a. Through any web browser (at work or home, or on a mobile device) by visiting

b. Through KNect > Loss Prevention > Suregrip Shoes

Some restrictions to the program may apply for your state. For more information, please see the Executive Director in your facility or the CEO of your Hospital.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

We all know how important it is to manage hazardous chemicals. It's a task made difficult by the variety of chemicals we use and the need to safeguard the cross-section of employees, volunteers and patients who are routinely exposed to those chemicals. We also have to comply with standards set by OSHA and the Joint Commission.

We have determined that the best way to meet these stringent standards is to take SDS (formally known as MSDS) access online via the link below:

This means that you can now access SDS (MSDS) Sheets online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through three different methods, Knect,, or by calling 1-888-362-7516 if computer access is not available.

Accident Reporting

If you sustain a work related injury, we are here to help! Please follow these steps to report your work related injury.

  • ScionHealth (Except Texas Non-Subscriber and Washington State):

    1. Immediately report your injury or illness to your supervisor and complete the employee Incident Report.

    2. Report your injury or illness to the Workers’ Compensation Report Line at 1-888-458-4506 to ensure appropriate medical care is coordinated for you.

    3. If you must seek medical treatment, report your work status restrictions to your supervisor or your workers’ compensation champion after you see a medical provider.

    1. Report all work-related incidents to your supervisor immediately and complete an employee incident report.

    2. Call ScionHealth’s Workers’ Compensation call center at 1-888-458-4506 to report the incident.

    3. If medical treatment is needed, go to to find a doctor.

    4. At the first visit, tell your provider you are treating for a work injury and your employer is in the state fund. The doctor’s office will submit the report of accident to Labor and Industries to start your claim.

    5. Each time you see your doctor for an appointment, have them complete a blank Return to Work Form. You can get the form from your supervisor. After each visit, return the signed from to your supervisor.