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The ScionHealth Institute of Inclusion and Equity

The ScionHealth Institute of Inclusion and Equity was established to invest in a broad array of grassroots, community efforts that can affect real change, including causes related to healthcare disparities, gaps in the education system, and social services in the communities where our team members live and work. We know there are organizations in our communities that are in need of support, and we want to empower our team members to help us direct these funds to where they will help the most.

If your organization has been identified by a ScionHealth team member to apply for a grant from the ScionHealth Institute of Inclusion and Equity, please complete the online application found here.

Please note all not-for-profit organizations applying for a grant must be in full compliance with all requirements to maintain 501(c)(3) status and must be nominated/sponsored by a current ScionHealth employee.

A panel of ScionHealth team members designated by the Institute – including members of ScionHealth’s Inclusion and Equity Council – will convene regularly to award grants.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email