Employee Remote Access Menu 

ScionHealth provides employees the ability to access a variety of company resources while working in a home office or while on-the-go. As a reminder, ScionHealth employees must follow our Acceptable Use Policy to ensure the safety and security of our data and information, even when working remotely.

Company Laptop & VPN

Employees using company-owned laptop computers have full access to company resources when connected to our company VPN. The use of VPN requires a reliable broadband internet connection (wired preferred) with a suggested download speed of 20Mbps or more.

Mobile Devices

Some company resources are available via a personal mobile device enrolled in our BYOD program. This includes access to e-mail, calendar, contacts, and a variety of company-specific apps. BYOD is available for the latest Apple and Android mobile devices.

ScionHealth Workspace

Some company resources are also available to employees using a personal computer. ScionHealth Workspace provides access to numerous systems and services and leverages our identity verification system for secured access. Click the logo below to launch your personal company workspace.

Login to ScionHealth Workspace

If using a personal computer to access ScionHealth Workspace, you must download the VMware Horizon Client. Please review our installation instructions for assistance in installing this software.

To access ScionHealth Workspace from a mobile device, you must download the VMware Horizon Client app from your device’s app store. Once installed, you need to allow your device, when prompted, to open the Horizon client to begin your remote access session.