Customer Support

Just like our patients, sometimes the technology and systems we use need a little extra care. That’s when ScionHealth’s IS Customer Support is here to help. Whether it’s a cranky printer, a sluggish iPad, or even just a simple forgotten password, our support analysts can provide assistance to solve your technology inquiries.


Kalliope is YOUR portal into IS Customer Support and it was designed specifically with YOU in mind. Kalliope brings together several tools that make solving your IT problems simpler and faster. Kalliope has a large service catalog to submit a variety of technology requests, many of which are automated. You can also search the knowledge base of over 500 articles to try and solve your problem on your own. You can even chat with an analyst in real-time if you don’t want to pick up the phone.

Visit the Kalliope portal to solve your technology inquiry now!

Contact Support

Assistance by telephone is available to ScionHealth and partner team members 24x7x365.


Reset Your Password

With the increasing number of systems you may need to access for your job, it can be easy to forget your computer login password. Resetting your password is easy with ScionHealth’s Identity Verification System, powered by Okta. You’ll need to know your computer username in order to reset your password. If you don’t have a computer username, you’ll need to know the username you use when accessing ScionHealth’s Paystubs & W-2 system.

Reset your password.