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Cadence and ScionHealth Partner to Offer Remote Care Management to Patients Managing Chronic Conditions

NEW YORK, NY (August 23, 2022) – Cadence today announced a partnership with ScionHealth to implement a remote care management and responsive virtual care program across ScionHealth’s national footprint, enhancing clinical care for thousands of patients managing chronic conditions. Cadence delivers personalized care and intervention-as-needed from home by collecting, analyzing, and responding to patients’ vitals daily.

The ScionHealth Cadence partnership will initially be rolled out to support ambulatory patients across ScionHealth’s 18 community hospital campuses in 12 U.S. states, with additional work planned in the future to support ScionHealth's specialty hospitals and long-term acute patient populations. It will first support managing hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.‍

“At ScionHealth, we are committed to advancing innovative healthcare solutions in order to serve patients where and when they need care,” said Rob Jay, Chief Executive Officer at ScionHealth. “Our partnership with Cadence will allow us to seamlessly extend care from our community-based hospitals and our long-term acute care hospitals to patients at home, both expanding access and improving the quality of care for patients managing chronic conditions.”

“Our partnership with Cadence offers consistent, proactive monitoring outside of the clinic, enabling early interventions if and when necessary to improve a patient’s overall health and wellbeing,” said Dr. Dean French, Chief Medical Officer at ScionHealth. “We believe that remote patient monitoring and responsive virtual care will become the standard of care for treating chronic conditions and we are excited to be a first mover in bringing these capabilities to our communities.”

With Cadence's digital infrastructure, ScionHealth’s remote care platform will be able to support an increasing number of conditions, acuities, and devices over time.

“We are proud to partner with ScionHealth– a progressive, forward-thinking healthcare system – to define a new standard for the delivery of care over the next decade,” said Chris Altchek, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Cadence. “Cadence’s dedicated clinical care team and technology will extend the care of ScionHealth’s clinicians, providing more responsive, personalized care to every patient.”


About Cadence

New York City-based Cadence helps health systems deliver world-class care outside the four walls of the hospital. Our mission is to gather better health data and deliver better health outcomes by creating a world where shared technology vastly improves the remote management of chronic conditions. We envision the day when health check-ins will become a simple, empowering, everyday event for individuals, and better data and broader support will give providers what they need to give patients world-class care, no matter where they are.


About ScionHealth

ScionHealth provides high-quality, patient-centered acute and post-acute hospital solutions. The health system is focused on driving innovation, serving its communities, and investing in people and technology to deliver compassionate patient care and excellent health outcomes. Based in Louisville, ScionHealth operates 79 hospital campuses in 25 states – 61 long-term acute care hospitals and 18 community hospital campuses and associated health systems. For more information, please visit